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Australian Craft Whisky
from Paddock to Cask.  

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Makers Story

It starts on the Paddock

Our heirloom barley is grown by the farmer, producing a sweet, nutty grain

Bathurst Grange_Whisky_Illustration_farm

The Farmer

Bathurst Grange_Whisky_Illustration_maltster

The Maltster

Only the best will do

The best grain is selected by the Maltster, ready for roasting

Pillars of great Single Malt Whisky


Growing barley on our property using historic and grains to cultivate a unique style full of unique flavour and interesting charaturistics. Vertical integration of our farm distillery allows for greater quality control.


Our casks are sourced from Australia’s leading
cask supplier of used whisky barrels. We carefully select each cask so to cultivate our unique flavour for our whisky. We cooper and fire casks onsight at our distillery. 

Copper Stills

Big Bell is the name of our custom designed and built still,
which sits alongside
our still for R&D. Join us for a distillery tour to see it for yourself.


Our casks are aged 700m above sea level in Bathurst’s famously fluctuating weather, expanding and contracting in the extreme temperatures to infuse the flavours more intensely. The result? Some of the finest Australian whisky.

Whisky Releases

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Bourbon Cask
Single Malt Whisky

Whisky Glass


Experience smooth, light, and complex bourbon cask release from Bathurst. Our locally sourced heirloom malt barley, delivers a deliciously lingering buttery mouthfeel that showcases a depth of flavor. Aged with care for 3 years in our influential temperate climate, each sip evokes layers of vanilla, biscuit and oak, promising a delightful finish to a day or a special occasion with loved ones.

Tasting notes

Each deliciously smooth sip of our Bourbon Cask release layers notes of buttery vanilla, raisin and oak with an intriguing hint of biscuit and a chocolatey finish.

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Wild Nectar Whisky 

Heritiage Rose Garden


Pre-Order for Batch 002


Wild Nectar Whisky blends smooth buttery, vanilla notes of Bathurst Grange Single Malt Whisky, aged for 3 years in oak casks, combined with a hint of locally harvested honey from our distillery farm. Our bees collect nectar from wild country flowers and blossoms including rose, honeysuckle, Siberian iris, wisteria, fruit blossom, herbs and lavender.

Tasting notes

A lighter style of whisky with a smooth, balanced sweetness, finished with a hint of blossom. More of a whisky than a liqueur, this is an irresistible drop for a delicious after-dinner indulgence.

Bathurst Grange Small Logo

Classic Cask
Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky

Batch 002 Available



Experience the impressive flavour, body, and mouthfeel of our first release whisky. Our heirloom barley sets the tone of this malty sweet flavour sensation. Aged in bourbon and shiraz casks, this single malt Australian whisky has characteristics of butter, vanilla and caramel balanced with established grape oak complexity for rich depth in taste.

Tasting notes

The aroma is reminiscent of pecan pie in the oven with buttery and nutty fragrances filling the kitchen. On the palate, liquid vanilla slice layered with notes of fig and raisin, a robust sweetness with a hint of fruit citrus.


Making History


The inspiration for becoming distillers lies in the traditions and history of The Grange. The land is rich in nature's gifts and has a deep history as a colonial home and this history inspires us to respect the West family and many other early settlers of this land west of the Blue Mountains.

The pioneers of this country who settled and built a new life for themselves and their families and to the history of the first nations whose country as they knew it was lost as it was transformed and destroyed by the modern world and eager settlers. We respect your land and the deep connection you have with the ancient land.


The pioneers and all who have dared farm since have learnt the hard way the challenge of dealing with the tempest of nature that is the Australian climate.

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