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Whisky Barrels

Local Bathurst Distillery

We’ve been proud owners of this heritage listed property since 1972, and are the third family to own it since it was built in 1823.


The distillery building embodies a sense of old and new. The early colonial design is considered a fine example of Georgian architecture while the relic farm shed attached, now converted into a tasting room, gives off the rustic impression of the farm’s heritage origins. 

Our custom designed still sits alongside our still for R&D, and this unique setup allows us to produce some of the finest, tastiest and pure spirits.


We’re committed to zero waste sustainable practises, taking care of the farm lands, gardens, river front and wetlands surrounding the distillery.


We’re committed to zero waste sustainable practices.


Leftover whisky grain is used for high protein feed for the 300 sheep residents to the farm, our built-in water recycling system ensures we don't waste a drop and solar energy can power our distillery for 12 hours a day.

Sustainability: Sheep eating spent barley after whisky distilling


It’s not just our barrels and still that make Bathurst Grange so special, it’s the people.


The people making it, the local farmers who supply the ingredients and the community around us.


Our unique weather helps too. Bathurst Grange Distillery makes flavour you can only find here.


The Grange has been with the Jones family for nearly five decades.


Since it was built in 1823, this state heritage listed property has hosted famous characters such as Charles Darwin and Brett Whiteley.


The farm next door belonged to the New South Wales Governor Lachlan Macquarie, who ended the Rum Rebellion.


The whole area is steeped in gold rush history.

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