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Distillery Tours
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Tour Highlights

Learn About Distilling

Learn about the production of whisky and gin at our distillery, all while soaking up the scent of our maturing whisky casks and Australian botanicals used in our gin.

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Walk & Discover

Walk the enchanted distillery surrounding the gardens of our 1823 heritage estate and working farm. With views of the wetlands and far-reaching grazing fields, you'll see the alpaca lake and a 100-year-old graveyard with the graves of the West Family, the original owners of the property.

Taste Our Products

Enjoy a tasting at the end of your tour to complete the whole Bathurst Grange Distillery experience. Taste some of our unique products in our old tin shed, now transformed into a comfortable drinking spot for friends of Bathurst Grange.

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About Bathurst

Bathurst was settled in 1814 on the banks of the Macquarie River. It is Australia’s oldest inland settlement and is a charming country town rich in history with some 45,000 people.


The wide-open plains surrounding Bathurst were kept clear of Eucalypts through now lost indigenous agricultural practices. Since the European settlement of this region in the early 1820, farmers have benefited from and developed this region into one of Australia’s most decadent agricultural food bowls. The lands along the rivers are rich and fertile, producing many grain, fruit and vegetable crops, including wheat, barley, corn, rye, cabbage, cherries, apples and apricots.

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