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Bathurst Grange Whisky Wins First Award

We are thrilled to announce that Bathurst Grange Distillery Whisky won a silver medal at the 2023 London Spirits Awards, with a score of 86/100, placing Bathurst Grange in the Top 10 Australian Whisky Distilleries in the competition.

The medal is an ultimate endorsement in the global spirits industry, and the international award recognises excellence in quality, value and packaging. To be a medal winner, Spirits must show a high rating in all the three factors with the most weightage on quality.

“We are honoured that our whisky has been recognised internationally, amongst the best in the Industry. This puts our artisan distillery on the world stage as one of the best Whisky distilleries in Australia and proves that the climatic conditions in Bathurst are ideal for making excellent Whisky.”

Toby Jones, Co-Founder and Head Distiller at Bathurst Grange Distillery.

The award-winning whisky was described as “A whisky with amber appearance, medium complexity with bread, leather, chocolate notes on the nose and palate with fuller body and long finish,” by the London Spirits Awards judges.

Bathurst Grange Distillery Rose Garden Gin also won a silver medal and was described by the judges as,” A gin with delicate floral notes like chamomile or calendula. The palate is juniper forward with hints of citrus and an elegant smooth finish.”

This is Rose Garden Gin's second Silver Medal win after success at the Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards last year.

A record number of entrants this year were vying for the much-coveted bronze, silver, and gold medals, with about 2000 spirits brands entering from more than 80 countries. The competition prides itself on consistently being assessed by a top panel of judges, consisting of some of the world’s leading figures from the hospitality sector.

The 2023 Competition saw 367 entries from Australia as the top entrant country, followed by 303 products from the United Kingdom and 138 from the United States. 695 Gins made Gin the top category entrant followed by Rum and Whiskey.

We have just 15 bottles left of this award winning whisky, available exclusively at our cellar door.


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