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Get to know Chilli Chocolate Gin

Chilli Chocolate gin is a real labour of love, 6 months in the making and the most time consuming to produce of all our gins. It has a surprising and unique flavour profile, combining sweet, earthy chocolate and spicy chilli with orange and native Australian wattleseed, to create a smooth gin with notes of jaffa, a hint of coffee and a subtle bite of chilli.

Chilli Chocolate gin is crafted in small batches and triple distilled in our beautiful four-column still, promising a smooth, velvety finish.

There are a few ways to serve Chilli Chocolate gin. Sip it neat over ice as an after-dinner drop or with Fentimans Valencian Orange tonic water, or another quality tonic, garnished with a slice of orange, a cinnamon stick or a dried red chilli.

Our favourite way to serve it is in a Chilli Chocolate Negroni - swapping the Campari for Aperol and using sweet vermouth - get the recipe on our Cocktails page and try it yourself!

Chilli Chocolate Gin is the perfect warming gin for winter, so grab a glass and enjoy it next to the fire - cosy!

Have you tried Chilli Chocolate Gin? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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