The Grange Heritage

The Grange (est. 1823) sits on the lush Macquarie Plains, amongst clear country air and fresh mountain water from the majestic Blue Mountains.


The historic estate has been visited by many famous characters over the years, including Charles Darwin and artist Bret Whiteley.

The Property

The Grange is of state significance for its history and rarity as one of the earliest surviving colonial farmhouses built in inland Australia.


Forming one of the pioneering families of the Bathurst region, John West and his brother Thomas came to the area in 1821 to farm on adjoining lands granted to them by Governor Macquarie.


John West's farmhouse dating from 1830 has aesthetic significance for its wrap-around verandah, which has been claimed to be the earliest surviving example of its kind in Australia, and for its well-proportioned and symmetrical Georgian facade.


The Grange also has significance for its potential to provide insights into early colonial life and conditions for convicts, some of whom were known to have been assigned to the farm.


The historic Methodist cemetery (used c.1855-1896), on a quarter hectare of the original grant, is an important relic from the time of the early settler families in the area and includes the graves of members of the West family.

John West had several male convicts listed under his household during the period the three sections of the homestead were constructed, so it is believed to be convict built. 

Historic Visitors

During his travels over the Blue Mountains, Charles Darwin visited Bathurst in the mid 1800's. In his diary, he notes stopping in to The Grange and meeting the early owners of the property "The West family". The west family are buried in the onsite cemetery on The Grange Estate.

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