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Craft Gin - Celebrating Orange

Orange - locally sourced

Today we celebrate one of our favourite ingredients from the citrus family. Orange is a versatile ingredient and popular among distillers. The Orange used in our distilling process is picked locally in country New South Wales (NSW), the Central Tablelands to be more precise. As a NSW Gin Distillery, we are always on the lookout for the finest local ingredients for our Gin's, some we even grow right here on our farm. Orange has become a key ingredient for many of our own Gin Range.

Preparing to distill

Each orange is peeled by hand. Yes, that’s right, by hand! Although it can be tedious, this labor of love allows us to select only the best oranges for the distillation. This is vital in order to craft the highest quality and best-tasting Gin spirits.


To get the best distillation, we must extract the citrus oils. Although we cannot share all our secrets, the oils are an essential element to completing the core flavors in our Gin. This extraction has been refined and perfected over years.

Orange Gin

Although orange is a key ingredient, once coupled with the juniper base and other aromatic ingredients, the flavour itself is subtle. The Orange gives a great mouthfeel to our Gins and rounds out the flavours in a way that is not overpowering. This is partly due to the natural oils in this delicious citrus ingredient which augments after the distillation.

Nothing Goes to Waste

Sustainability is key to our distilling process. After the distillation of our Orange, we take the leftover Orange peel to make our famous Gin & Tonic Marmalade. Yum! The Marmalade is great on toast and we also use it in our Cocktails you can order when visiting our Cellar Door.


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