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Making The Best Australian Gin

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Pure Quality Gin

To be the best gin in Australia is a benchmark we hold ourselves to, so we deliver to our customers a delicate and smooth-tasting Australian spirit. We’re proud to offer gin that is made with the highest quality ingredients, some grown and handpicked on our farm. Our clear ancient mountain water from the Blue Mountains is distilled with Australian ingredients in our copper column still, producing the finest and best gin in Australia.

Native Australian Gin Botanicals

Bushfood has sustained generations of Aboriginal people for centuries, and today represents a rich and vibrant history in the culture of this land. For our distillation, we look for native Australian plants as a source for pioneering our gin flavors.

Using the right balance of ingredients is critical to producing our gins. An exciting part of distillation is to seek new flavors using native plants. Some Australian botanicals can be herbaceous, others are sweet or bitter. Lemon Myrtle, Pepper Berry, Native River Mint, Finger lime are native elements used in the process of making our Gin and Cocktails. These are some of the more common Australian Gin botanicals, other ingredients found in our Gin are foraged on our property and for our unique product range.

Locally Sourced

Although the key ingredient for Gin is not an Australian native, juniper berry bushes are grown on our farm. The juniper bushes love the Bathurst climate so it makes for perfect growing conditions. Seasonal fruits such as quince or cherries are also used to create limited edition liqueurs which we sell at our Cellar Door.


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