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Craft Gin - Celebrating Lemon Myrtle

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Australian Zesty Gin flavour

Our Celebrating Gin Botanical Series wouldn’t be complete without mentioning an ingredient our distiller, Toby Jones, fell in love with. Lemon Myrtle has become the hero of our Australian Dry Gin, our first creation in the Bathurst Grange Distillery Gin Range. In fact, if it wasn't for this romance with this zesty Australian native, we may have only stuck to whisky production!

Distilling Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle is one of the most famous and widely used Australian bush foods. We use dry lemon myrtle leaves in our distillation which immediately have a distinct aroma when you crush a leaf and lift it to your nose.

It emulates the citrus family but is handled in the distillation very differently from other citrus ingredients used in our Gin like Orange. Because Lemon Myrtle is more coarse, the method of distillation must be adjusted to attain the perfect flavour profile that isn’t too subtle but doesn’t go too long to end up tasting like bark.

Taste Australian Dry Gin

Lemon Myrtle is used as a hero in the flavour profile of our Australian Dry Gin. Like all Gin, the right balance is critical. The strong backbone of juniper notes with our traditional London dry gin recipe is complemented by the elegant but zesty Lemon Myrtle. This is why Australian Dry Gin is our classic tasting gin with an Australian twist, perfect to be enjoyed as a martini or G&T. To learn about tasting, check out our recipes and pairing ideas found on our Cocktails page.

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